Amp-Ventures is a nonprofit organization that supports and helps amputees become more active.

1. Everyone deserves to live an active life style among their peers. Amp-Ventures provides opportunities for amputees to come together and be active by hosting events all over the great state of Florida.

2. Amp-Ventures concentrates on bringing amputees together to participate in a multitude of activities geared for every level of amputee. From shuffle board to wake boarding and everything in-between, we are dedicated to improving amputees quality of lives through being active.

3. Being a nonprofit organization our events and activities are completely free of charge. We are able to offer specialized equipment and staff that will assist the participants with all their amputee needs. Such as water friendly components, specially designed prosthesis and Professionally trained team members.

4. Our events are are family friendly and we encourage family and loved ones to join in on the camaraderie. Together we can accomplish so much more when it comes to helping the amputee community get active.